Mechatronic Systems

Table of Contents:

  1. Aim of study
  2. Program of studies
    1. Knowledge and competence
  1. Employment perspectives
    1. Workplaces and posts
1. Aim of study
The aim of the study is to prepare engineering staff with knowledge and competence in the field of construction and design of control systems of machines and equipment. Devices with no control systems are gradually pushed out of the market with the rapid development of electronic systems, as they may not fulfill the customers’ expectations, yet, on the other hand increasing computational performance of control units permits implementation of advanced algorithms and regulation methods, and at the same time allows to fulfill the growing expectations of the clients with respect to speed, accuracy, repeatability and reliability of operations. It should also be noted that many spheres of life are supported by robots and manipulators, hence it may be forecast that current economy shall not be able to function without skilled engineering staff having competence to phase such devices in and maintain and exploit them. Additionally, the competences within modeling methodology as well as solving engineering problems, acquired in the course of studies, enable the graduates to run for the posts in data analysis and financial forecast.
2. Program of studies
Selected core courses:
  • Adaptive control;
  • Mathematical modelling;
  • Robotics;
  • Distributed control systems;
  • Programmable logic controlers;
  • Processors and programmable circuits;
  • Digital control;
  • Advanced control systems;
  • Artificial intelligence in control;
  • Actuators in mechatronics.
a. Knowledge and competence
The Bachelor studies in the field of Automation and Control give a student knowledge and competence in the following range:
  • Design and construction of automatic control systems;
  • Construction and use of mathematical models, components and mechatronic devices;
  • Digital control;
  • Modern methods of control and regulation using artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic;
  • Adaptive controllers;
  • konstrukcji układów regulacji w oparciu o sterowniki PLC, procesory sygnałowe i układy programowalne
  • design of control systems based on PLCs, digital signal processors and programmable circuits;
  • construction and operation of sensors and actuators used in control systems;
  • the use of measuring and control instruments classical and virtual;
  • construction and use of electronic analog and digital circuits;
  • recognition and diagnosis of mechanical, electrical and electronic subassemblies;
  • solving design-adaptation problems of electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems;
  • applying CAD and CAM tools in technological processes;
  • creation of support software for production and exploitation of mechatronics systems;
  • legal aspects of engineering, automation and robotics;
  • theory of mechanics and control;
  • application of IT technology in mechatronics.
3. Employment perspectives
Any machinery and technical equipment currently designed and manufactured are equipped with a control system. There operate companies on the market, the business area of which is focused exclusively on designing and building automatic control systems, which is then sold as the final product to machine manufacturers. Every manufacturing company needs at least one engineer whose task will be ongoing support and maintenance of machines and technical efficiency of production systems on the site. The degree of automation in production processes continues to increase, hence creating increased demand for engineering staff. All this indicates that a well-qualified engineer, specializing in the area of technology related to automation and control, will not have to worry about employment prospects for a long time.
a. Workplaces and posts
Graduates in this field of studies can find employment in companies involved in designing and building various types of machinery, equipment and mechatronic systems such as production lines, lines and packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, automatic assembly lines, air conditioning and heating systems, and the like. Qualifications and skills obtained allow to deal with operational support, maintenance and repair of machines and production systems.
Suggested jobs: control systems designer, application engineer, designer, maintenance engineer, chief technologist, automation engineer, technician, installer of machinery, technical support engineer.
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