IT for Business Management

Table of Contents:

  1. Aim of studies
  2. Program of studies
    1. Knowledge and competence
  1. Employment prospects
    1. Workplaces and posts
    2. Career prospects
1. Aim of studies
The purpose of the education process in the area of "E-business", is to prepare students to undertake self-employment and business activities in areas where modern technology and business processes are combined. Progress of digitization of the economy produces, in a growing number of industries, the need to develop and expand traditional methods of marketing and selling by Internet technologies. Also, the processes related to company management are increasingly anchored in the Internet as their working environment. There is a growing need to find and, therefore, employ people who will be able to implement these processes in an efficient and safe manner.
2. Program of studies
Selected core courses:
  • ERP and CRM Systems;
  • Computerisation of Companies and Enterprises;
  • Mobile Technology in the Company;
  • Management;
  • Introduction to Financial Engineering.
a. Knowledge and competence
The Bachelor studies in the field of E-business give students knowledge and competence in the following range:
  • information technology and modern technologies in management;
  • computerisation of the company;
  • application of decision support systems and expert systems;
  • development and implementation of new solutions in enterprises and public institutions;
  • principles of project management;
  • econometric tools in the management process;
  • modern methods of business management;
  • rules for construction and implementation of information security policies;
  • basics of programming;
  • databases;
  • computer networks;
  • computer graphics;
  • electronics and electrical engineering;
  • software engineering
3. Employment prospects
Currently various types of companies creating solutions for business develop very quickly. Therefore developers are sought who, apart from information technology expertise, will also have knowledge of the principles of business operations.
a. Workplaces and posts
  • companies engaged in typesetting;
  • small printing;
  • printing;
  • companies involved in the creation of graphics and web services;
  • advertising agencies;
  • game developers;
  • consultants;
  • database administrator;
  • specialist in the field of electronic services;
  • administrator of small and medium-sized systems;
  • programmer
b. Career prospects
The course of study comprises, beyond the technical subjects, such topics as management, economics and law. This allows the graduates to build up competence to perform leadership roles in the future. A multidisciplinary approach to technical education also allows for smooth movement of the future engineers into various fields of technology. An important part of education is also moving, the subjects questions about the current situation in their respective industries. This facilitates future graduates to take any decision to start your own business.


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