Table of Contents:

  1. Aim of studies
  2. Program of studies
    1. Knowledge and competence
  1. Career opportunities
    1. Workplaces and posts
    2. Career prospects
1. Aim of studies
The aim of this field of studies is to prepare the engineering staff with competencies and knowledge of issues related to automation, robotics, computer science, mechanics and electronics. Graduates are prepared to work everywhere related to the production of electrical and electronic equipment, as well as development of software for industrial process control. The graduates can work in design offices, departments related to the preparation of production, quality control, acceptance of finished goods, and maintenance activities. Alternatively, graduates will be able to start their own businesses in a wide range of specialties. With the compulsory introduction of two languages (English and German / French / Russian / Japanese / Arabic), they will be prepared to work in an international corporation in any country of their choice. Interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of mechatronics, combined with the knowledge of a free market economy, will allow, in their future professional practice for conscious use of modern technology in supporting organizational processes and businesses. The students gain proficiency in such practical skills as: computer equipment, measuring and control equipment, systems and controls as well as implementing software systems and supporting production at all stages.
2. Program of studies
Selected core courses:
  • Materials technology,
  • Basic automation
  • Robotics,
  • Control Theory,
  • Manufacturing Engineering,
  • Programming languages and paradigms,
  • Computer Aided Mechatronics,
  • Mechanics of liquids and gases,
  • Technical Metrology and Measurement Systems,
  • Modern materials in technology,
  • Microprocessor-based systems,
  • Real-time Operating Systems.
a. Knowledge and competenceThe Bachelor studies in the field of Mechatronics give students knowledge and competence in the following range:
  • the use of measuring and classical and virtual control instruments;
  • recognition and diagnosis of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment;
  • problem-solving in design and operating electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems;
  • use of tools such as CAD and CAM in processes;
  • the creation of support software for the production and operation of mechatronic systems
  • knowledge of legal aspects and requirements for engineering, automation and robotics, mechanics and control theory;
  • Information Technology applications in mechatronics.
3. Career opportunities
Any machinery and technical equipment currently designed and manufactured are equipped with a control system. There operate companies on the market, the business area of which is focused exclusively on designing and building automatic control systems, which is then sold as the final product to machine manufacturers. Every manufacturing company needs at least one engineer whose task will be ongoing support and maintenance of machines and technical efficiency of production systems on the site. The degree of automation in production processes continues to increase, hence creating increased demand for engineering staff. All this indicates that a well-qualified engineer, specializing in the area of technology related to automation and control, will not have to worry about employment prospects for a long time.
a. Workplaces and posts
Graduates in this area of studies may find employment in companies involved in the installation, design and construction of systems and mechatronic systems.
b. Career prospects
The course of study comprises, beyond the technical subjects, such topics as management, economics and law. This allows the graduates to build up competence to perform leadership roles in the future. A multidisciplinary approach to technical education also allows for smooth movement of the future engineers into various fields of technology. An important part of education is also moving, the subjects questions about the current situation in their respective industries. This facilitates future graduates to take any decision to start your own business.


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